Keynote at International Conference „Exploring Future Foodscapes“, Copenhagen

IFG Direktor Harald Lemke wird an der besagten Konferenz Keynote Speaker zur Gastrosophie sein (Abstract siehe unten). Weitere Informationen sowie einen Call for papers des Veranstalters finden Sie hier:

It is a great pleasure to announce the call for papers for the 10th International Conference on Culinary Arts and Sciences (ICCAS 2017) that will take place from the 6th-7th of July 2017 with a pre-conference the 5th of July in wonderful Copenhagen.  ICCAS is arranged by Aalborg University, Copenhagen and Metropolitan University College. The theme for ICCAS 2017 is Exploring Future Foodscapes and the call for papers is now open. It will close on November 1st 2016. Please consider submitting an abstract on your recent research and to invite colleagues and students in your network to do the same.

You can read more about the themes of the conference here. You can stay tuned on our Linked in and Facebook groups.


Harald LEMKE (Keynote): „Foodopia – Global Food Citizenship. Eating for the future of the planet and our humanity“

Everyone knows, the ways we produce and consume food continue to ruin our bodies, lifes, communities and our planet. As a species, humanity face an anthropocenic challenge without precedent. Either we take the step to a new level of human self-understanding so that we learn to shift from modern ‚Fast Food‘ era to futuristic ‚Good Food‘ civilization. Or we risk our extinction in a dystopian future. We have to reinvent our eating within tomorrow. Hacking the present food system ‚gastrosophically‘, it turns out: humans could rely on their unique capacity to use sustainable, healthy, delicious and fair food choices in order to save human life on this planet. For this foodopia we should start to dream of a true, gastrosophical ‚humanity‘ that puts ‚good meals in good company‘ (I. Kant) in the center of daily life as the planet’s ‚convivial‘ future. The talk explains this neohumanist convivialism, its already existing or arriving powers, its agents and collectives of cosmopolitian food citizenship.